Narwhals are fascinating animals. They will roam the icy arctic ocean together searching for their next great feast. They’ll use their long tusks to break up and push away ice if needed so they can get to the best fishing grounds. Then they use their tusks to stun fish.

At Two Narwhals we do the same. Except the fish we hunt are actually links. And we aren’t in the ocean, we’re on the World Wide Web. And, we don’t have tusks. And, we aren’t whales. But, other than that… same thing.

Our mission is to collect links to interesting websites, articles, and videos for creative people. We collect links related to web design, painting, writing, acting… if it’s creative, we collect it.

You can help. Join our fun, interesting, and creative community. Since we’re a niche website and not a big corporation we don’t have a hidden agenda. We don’t need to track you. We don’t need to invade your privacy in any way. We just provide a fun place to find interesting websites. Basically, we’re how the internet used to be. A nice place. 😏

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Two Narwhals
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